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Maya Sundsten

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Artist Statement /Maya Sundsten


I want to expand the rules of what is human. In a surreal/bizarre post-humanistic way I explore what is possible, and in what way we can bend these limits. I do this with the starting point in human relations, the ocean and textile. The way we impact the forests, oceans and atmosphere is too abstract for us to understand, ecologic analfabetism. I want to create an understanding using human feelings and the relations we find between each other.


Coming back to the textile as a material is not always a conscious choice. Using the methods of knitting, crocheting and embroidery is a way of teleporting my feelings and thoughts to the outer world. The textiles gives it a soft feeling, and I believe that the energy and time put into for example a knitted jumper shines through in the work, affecting the observer/viewer.  How the female characteristics is being seen as something of less worth than the male is something I try to question in my works. From my point of view, the world needs more empathy, caring and kindness.



2017-2020 Glasgow School of Art

2016-2017 Ölands Folkhögskola

2014-2015 Vårdinge By Folkhögskola

Group Exhibitions 


Himmelsberga Vårsalong

LAND, The Old Hairdressers

Drinks Provided, Glasgow School of Art





Vårdinge By Folkhögskola



2018 - Himmelsberga Vårsalong, Ölands Museum

2018 - Irisstipendiet, Iris Jonzén-Sandbloms och Greta Jonzéns stiftelse
2017 - Gålöstiftelsens stipendie

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